Friday, August 3, 2012

Splashes of Color - with Smokey

Via Flickr:
Smokey is inspecting the stitching. She says it's a little "large" but at least it's consistent. Comfort quilt made for my friend Molly following surgery. She hasn't seen it yet, but as far as I know she's not aware of my blog so it should be a surprise!

Free pattern for quilt here:

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  1. Smokey is so beautiful. She reminds me a bit of a past kitty of mine. Although I think Smokey is probably better tempered. :)

    1. She generally is a good kitty (ahem, very generally). At least she doesn't have as much attitude as my tortie from 20+ years ago. Yazi had enough attitude for 3 cats!

  2. That is the way my Chloe was (she was part persian). I will never forget her...not all for charitable reasons. :)