Friday, May 29, 2009

Bushfire Quilt #35

This quilt has 4 of my 8 blocks in it. I'm pretty sure it's #35, as I recall seeing a list that said my blocks would be in quilts #34 and #35. I'm so happy to see it finished! I hope the recipients enjoy using these quilts as much as we enjoyed making them.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mini Quilts

Here are the two Mini (aka "Doll") quilts I've made so far. The purple one is called Falling for Batiks and I made it for Deb in WNY in the fall swap in 2008. The tulip quilt (which I only now realize I never named!) was made for Judy A. She and I went to the same retreat in AZ in February, so it was neat to make something for someone I'd already met!

Below you can see the quilt I received in the fall swap from Christine. It's made with Asian/oriental fabrics and has the coolest 3D flowers!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Block Swap - blocks received!

Here are the blocks I've received so far in the Quilting forum's Birthday Block Swap. My "birthday month" was April, and the blocks are still rolling in. I'll receive blocks from 11 other ladies, and I'll make extras to equal 14...enough to make a wide border around the Laurel Burch panel I bought. Here are the first 6 blocks (there is one extra that I didn't photograph this round). Clockwise from lower left: Frances (Tilly5), OHSue, Cathy Sews, Simply Suzy, Colene (Robicole2), and Barbara (zizzybob). I've heard from LaurieLT (starting soon), Rebecca (Jakenemma - in the mail, I believe), and Brandy emailed me which is what prompted me to make this show what I have so far to date.