Monday, December 24, 2012

Easy Street Step 5

Ahhh, it's almost Christmas. I have presents to wrap and gift cards to label and candy to bag up...but I have my priorities. It's time for another step in Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery!!!

Step 5 8215

There's been some discussion about what these units are called...since they're not Flying Geese per se, Bonnie suggested perhaps they're Sitting (or Squatting) Turkeys. Personally I think they look like little houses!!

Smokey is not interested today, for whatever reason. She did watch me briefly but then decided she had a better shot at seeing something “interesting” if she faced the window.

smokey step 5 8214

And last but not least, here is the Mystery Monday Linky to see the other participants' blog posts!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Street Step 4

Step 4 8204

More geese! I'm actually almost enjoying making flying geese now that I have my fancy new rulers :)

smokey step 4

Right on schedule, Smokey showed up to help. What a gal! She never fails to keep me company when I'm sewing.

Here is the link to the Monday Linky and here's the link back to Bonnie's blog, should you want to play along and/or save the steps and make your own Easy Street quilt... (editing from my phone, sorry for the inelegant links!)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Street Step 3

Step 3 8170 

Here's the latest step in Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery! These little guys finish at 3" and were surprisingly easy to make with the Easy Angle ruler. I need to make 16 more but need to cut more black & white strips first. Just thought that 16 of them made for a nice sized photo op!

Here's the Mystery Monday Link Up so you can see the work of others participating in the mystery!

Step 3 8173

Above is an updated photo showing the other 4 aqua fabrics. I made a total of 4 units for each of the 8 colors. Below is Smokey inspecting the units. She says you have to get VERY close to inspect the seam allowances!

helping with step 3

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Lane - Step 2

Step 2 8164 

I'm so excited with how easy this step is going! I had read Bonnie's suggestions last year when doing her Orca Bay Mystery to buy the Easy Angle and Companion Angle rulers but I didn't buy them until recently. They are so nifty! I also like how versatile they are, as each one can be used to make several different sizes (unlike another Flying Geese ruler set I bought that only makes 2 different sizes). She also made a killer video on how to use them properly!!

So here are the first few geese I've made for my Easy Street (or in my case LANE) mystery quilt. I will be making about 50 more but wanted to at least knock a few out and get them posted so I'm "keeping up" as best as possible. To see other participants' posts for this mystery please visit

Cups and Saucers oops
I had practiced with the rulers over the weekend and made even SMALLER geese (finishing at 1x2") for a Farmer's Wife Sampler swap that I'm participating in. I got ahead of myself and made the geese dark and the sky light in the first set before I realized that the Cups and Saucers block is the other way around. Whoops! Bonus block for me, I guess :)

Cups and Saucers

I then made another block using different fabrics...I liked the look of the 2 blue ones but the lighter one was thicker than the other and it made the seams very bulky. Unfortunately the pattern in the dark purple is conflicting with the angles of the block so it kind of makes one a little dizzy looking at it, LOL. Good thing I only made one of this one too...but I like it enough I think I'll keep it for my own quilt.