Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice - The Big Reveal!

Celtic Solstice

Here are my first 9 blocks put together. I'm playing around with the layout of the blocks (although the downside of that is that the seams won't nest in the Birthday Girl Block). I also found a great layout by Forest Jane on the Facebook group that uses half the BGB's Bonnie's way and half turned in like mine, plus an alternate border. I've asked her to send me the EQ6 file so I can play with it some more.

My fabric choices are a mix of Civil War, Thimbleberries, and whatever I could find that I thought looked good with them. The neutral was changed to dark, chocolate brown and I used pinks instead of orange. 

Sorry for the short post, I'm recovering from a chest cold and have to return to work today. I should've written this yesterday but it slipped my mind!

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