Friday, December 19, 2014

Grand Illusion - Parts 4 and 5

Ready to tackle part four!

Can hardly believe it, but I'm all caught up! Here are the first 3 parts, all counted and stacked up. I had finished the chevrons earlier in the week and got a good start on Part 3. Paired up and sewed the rest of Part 3 today before even starting Part 4...not how I usually do things but I was in the mood to "complete" something.

And here's Part 4, all done as well. Probably shouldn't have done so much in one day but I was on a roll. Going to go ice my wrist now and watch some TV to keep me out of trouble!

Part 4 

Link to Quiltville/Bonnie Hunter and the Grand Illusion pattern info
Edited Dec 26th...Mystery Monday Link Up FAIL, hahaha I forgot to come back and do the linky and now it's too late ::sigh::

Edited again Dec 28th...well, since I missed the previous linky I may as well try to combine these for tomorrow's linky instead. Here's Part 5. Not much to say about it, except that I really like the turquoise and the yellow together. Even though I've been making half the parts on this journey I went ahead and made all the 4 patches requested in Part 5 and will use leftovers for something else.

Mystery Monday linky return:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Grand Illusion - Part Three

This will be short and sweet, as I did too much this week and aggravated my tendonitis :(

Swapped purples for the greens. Just sewed up enough to make sure I liked it. Not quite as dark as the picture.

Part 3 in progress

Link to Bonnie Hunter
Link to Monday Link Up

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grand Illusion - Return of the Chevrons!

Part two

So many of us had a hard time with these units when making Celtic Solstice, but I must say I finally got the hang of it after a few hundred squares, LOL. In fact, Hot Paisley Mess (still not a top yet) has a lot of these sew & flip corners as well.

Here's Part 2 of my GIMQ (the "MQ" is added because "GI" just looks funny). I'm loving the pink and black together. We haven't dipped into the greens yet, and part of me wants to switch mine to light purple instead...we'll see where the future clues take us I guess, and I'll make a decision then.

Link to the instructions (only available for a limited time)
Link back to the Mystery Monday Link Up