Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grand Illusion - Return of the Chevrons!

Part two

So many of us had a hard time with these units when making Celtic Solstice, but I must say I finally got the hang of it after a few hundred squares, LOL. In fact, Hot Paisley Mess (still not a top yet) has a lot of these sew & flip corners as well.

Here's Part 2 of my GIMQ (the "MQ" is added because "GI" just looks funny). I'm loving the pink and black together. We haven't dipped into the greens yet, and part of me wants to switch mine to light purple instead...we'll see where the future clues take us I guess, and I'll make a decision then.

Link to the instructions (only available for a limited time)
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  1. Looking good. I have not started yet but hope I will soon. I was going thru a old quilting book with blocks and found several that use this unit.............humm lots of interesting possibilities here!

  2. Love your batiks! Your blocks are looking good.