Saturday, November 29, 2014

Grand Illusion - Part One we are again...LOL. For this year's mystery I decided to mostly follow Bonnie's colors. I went a bit richer with three of them, however, and decided my neutrals will actually be pastel batiks. I toyed with the idea of substituting something else for the yellow, but then I found one that I liked at Pacific Fabric and decided to go for it.

Here is my palette, minus the yellow (I put a polka dot yellow in the pic to hold the spot)

Fabrics for Grand Illusion... 

...and here are my first 4 blocks for the first clue. I have quite a few more of the HSTs made (nearly 100) but have some other things I have to work on today so I'm setting it all aside for a little while. I will be making half of the units to begin with, for a smaller quilt. Mine will be roughly 60" square depending on border, vs 88" for Bonnie's original.

Clue one 

Here's the link back to Bonnie's blog, and here's the a link back to the Monday Link Up as well:


  1. Gorgeous fabrics, your broken dishes unit is wonderful. such fun.

  2. Your fabric choices are very much like mine. Beautiful!

  3. Yay for another mystery quilt! Looking good!

  4. I love your fabrics, very bright. I was gone for 10 days so missed the start but am gonna get busy now that I am back. I do still need to figure out my yellow (I might go scrappy with it).