Monday, August 20, 2012

Taylor Bridge Fire Quilts

Hey all! I'm taking a break from my regular quilting to work on a very special project. That project has its own blog:

My friends and I are making quilts for the victims of the Taylor Bridge fire in Cle Elum Washington. It's a terrible fire that consumed 48 homes and more than a dozen other structures in a matter of hours a week ago today. In fact, the fire is still burning but at last word it was about 47% contained and they hope to soon make an announcement of 100% containment if the weather would just cooperate. They're having trouble with the wind :(

If you are interested in seeing what I'm up to, please visit the other blog. And if you'd like to help...just drop me a note on either blog!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hawaiian Applique - Halfway Point!

Via Flickr:
I've been working on this on the go...and maybe I should stop working on it in the car, based on some of the lousy curves, but it's all good! I'm learning as I go :)

I'm right handed and working counter-clockwise. The stitching begins at about 4:00 and ends at 10:00. I'm taking a class by Nancy Lee Chong on Quilt University, and loving it!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hawaiian Quilt Class Progress

The inside Vs are the hardest part so far, but I learn a little bit more with each one I complete. Almost 1/4 of the way done!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Splashes of Color - with Smokey

Via Flickr:
Smokey is inspecting the stitching. She says it's a little "large" but at least it's consistent. Comfort quilt made for my friend Molly following surgery. She hasn't seen it yet, but as far as I know she's not aware of my blog so it should be a surprise!

Free pattern for quilt here:

Click on the pic to go to my Flickr page to see additional photos!

Hawaiian Quilt - Basted

Hawaiian Block DSCN7421 

The result of the first lesson in Nancy Lee Chong's Hawaiian Quilt 101 class I'm taking from Quilt University online. Tonight we'll learn her techniques for needleturn applique. I'm so psyched!

I should note that we were told to baste it with "ugly thread" so we'd be motivated to make progress on the block and therefore get to remove more and more of the "ugly thread". This is why it's basted in brilliant orange! ;)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilt University Class



I signed up for my first Quilt University class the other day...actually I signed up the very day that class started! It's by Nancy Lee Chong and it's Hawaiian Quilting 101.

I followed the instructions on how to email pictures to the Dean to the letter...I made sure I scaled the photos down in size, etc. For some reason, however, they still saw fit to crop the images significantly, showing only a small portion of the fabrics I'm considering. Here I've posted the full photos so you get a better idea of what my fabrics look like. The background is not my counter top, LOL, it's the white batik with purple detail that I'll be using for the background of my applique. I'm undecided at this point whether to go with the teal/blue fabric or the fuchsia/blue for the applique itself.

I'll decide Friday which one to use and will cut out my Ulu pattern provided for the class. I'll continue to post my progress as the class continues over the next few weeks!