Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Street Step 3

Step 3 8170 

Here's the latest step in Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery! These little guys finish at 3" and were surprisingly easy to make with the Easy Angle ruler. I need to make 16 more but need to cut more black & white strips first. Just thought that 16 of them made for a nice sized photo op!

Here's the Mystery Monday Link Up so you can see the work of others participating in the mystery!

Step 3 8173

Above is an updated photo showing the other 4 aqua fabrics. I made a total of 4 units for each of the 8 colors. Below is Smokey inspecting the units. She says you have to get VERY close to inspect the seam allowances!

helping with step 3


  1. Looks like another vintage machine on quilt duty!
    Nice job, getting closer now!
    On the other hand I hate to see the mystery end.
    Sharyn in Kalama

  2. She is so polite in her inspecting! Mine never are. What a fun mystery quilt. This reminds me I still need to start looking at fabric for Janet's.

  3. Smokey looks like a pro, and can spot quality when he sees it!

  4. Smokey looks so cute! And nice work too!

  5. Love the quilt inspector!!!! Boy those pieces look VERY neat!!!! Great job!!!

  6. Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!

  7. Smokey is very helpful! I like your different aquas. I've only used 2 aqua fabrics(I'm doing half the units for a smaller quilt). I my have to go shopping and redo some later if I'm not happy, or want to make a bigger quilt!
    Roll on Clue 5.