Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NYMQ 2012

nymq 2012 7055 by Misha Misha Misha
nymq 2012 7055, a photo by Misha Misha Misha on Flickr.
It's almost here! New Year's Day on's quilting forum we'll be doing a one day (cough) mystery quilt. Yes, some really do get their tops done in one day but to be honest a lot of us don't, but it's a great group event with lots of participants. Come and join us!


  1. Hello! I love that you posted your choices on your blog too. :) This is my first time trying this Mystery Quilt and I am totally looking forward to it.

  2. Thank you! Maybe when we're done with our tops we can get together and have a mini show and tell :)