Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 5

imageWell we found out what those leftover HSTs from Part 3 were for...these cute units! We made these last year in the Easy Street mystery but with solid square bits instead of the HSTs. I had some trouble as a few of my winged units were too big. I think I should've been a little more careful with my seams and/or trimming the HSTs to 2" but in the end I was able to get most of them to the right size. Only a few have the point of the yellow triangle cut off.

Here are a few of the different Celtic Solstice components all together to see how the colors are playing. I was pretty nervous about the brown after Part 1, but am ok with it now. In this picture you don't see some of the darker blues that seem to compete with the browns. I may show those next time (or I may swap them out!)

Playing with the pieces
Here's my quilt inspector, Smokey. She FINALLY decided to help. Sheesh! I think she only came to this decision out of fear that Ophelia was going to take over ;)
Merry Christmas from Ophelia
And lastly, a photo of Miss Ophelia checking out the Christmas Tree. She was a good girl and didn't try to "undecorate" it for me :)

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  1. I cannot choose a favorite! Like both blocks, colors go well together....Smokey is one precious cat...Ophelia is too...

  2. I love your colors and combinations, Misha!

  3. Hi Misha, your units for Celtic Solstice are looking great, Smokey and Ophelia are so cute. Hugs from Brazil.

    1. Ivani, where have you been? Missed you on the forum. You should come back and visit some time!!!

  4. Great thoughts. I am SO far behind. I had to un decorate today and clean house. Now, the RA and shingles are acting up. Always something huh! Thanks for the prayers. Love your colors and the new addition is gorgeous.

  5. I love your color way and block guesses! Gorgeous!

  6. Really love your color choices, and nice to see your helpers too :) Seems we all have furballs for helpers :)

  7. Wow! I really do love every single one of your fabrics for Celtic Solstice. Thanks so much for posting your progress.

  8. Like your colors a lot. I was afraid to change too much as this is my first mystery quilt. Changed out the blue for purple- not much of a leap.