Monday, December 23, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 4

Merry Almost-Christmas everyone!

Still working on a Christmas present that I started late. Wish I'd thought of it sooner but oh well! Getting the binding made today. Here's a sneak peek at the present:

And of course, last Friday was the 4th round in the Celtic Solstice Mystery from Bonnie Hunter. She went easy on us knowing it was a busy week and we just needed to make 4 patches. Whew! Here are mine, with some of the pinwheels from the previous week. And here is the Linky back to Bonnie's blog to see other link ups for Monday.

I'm not caught up yet. The only segment that I've completed totally is Part 1. The Part 3 Pinwheels are nearly done, I just want to redo 4 of them that didn't meet well enough in the middle. I had too much going on to finish the chevrons of Part 2 (and was hoping to find another green I liked, but that didn't happen).

Hope everyone has a good week, and that we get great quilty presents from Santa!


  1. I like your colors. I enjoy the mystery, but don't want to buy anything since I have so much already. I don't have much orange so the pinks might work for me.

  2. Absolutely fabulous. Still really enjoying you fabric choices, they look so great together.

  3. Beautiful blocks!

    Happy Christmas!

  4. The four patches and pin wheels look great!

  5. I was able to get caught up on some photos of Smokey and Ophelia! At least they can be next to each other. :) I love your up to the wire gift idea. Sam