Friday, April 13, 2012

Comfort Blocks for Friends

One of the benefits of being part of an online community is getting to participate in group activities, like making comfort blocks for our friends when they're in need of some quilty love.

First up are two "Hug" blocks (think XOXO) for Denise, who recently had a serious surgery. The color theme is red, white and purple. I put a tutorial on how to make the Hug Blocks (aka Wonky X) on my Flickr page. Click here to go to the tutorial/set.

More hugs for Denise

The next two blocks are for Aileen who also had surgery recently. The blocks are from Here is the link for the instructions. I signed all the blocks after I took these pics, and they will be on their way to their respective homes soon!

Hearts for Aileen

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