Sunday, April 29, 2012

April FMQ Challenge

April FMQ Challenge by Misha Misha Misha
April FMQ Challenge, a photo by Misha Misha Misha on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This month in Sew Cal Gal's challenge, we were to make a stencil of sorts using tulle, a hoop and a permanent pen. I then ironed the template on a low setting as indicated to set the ink, and then re-traced the image onto my fabric. I used my air disappearing pen, because I couldn't find the blue (water erasable) one! The pattern I used was from a applique challenge I found online. Something about tulips just speaks to me!

The printed pattern is hiding a previous month's challenge practice. I didn't have the time to make a new sandwich for today's sample, and didn't have enough space to do the entire motif.

Overall I liked the lesson, but the tulle is pretty hard on the nib of the purple pen. I made sure that I just slowly dragged it in one direction, so it would ink the fabric enough to see it. Trying to sort of "sketch" the image did NOT work, and seemed to be harsher on the nib.

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  1. I forgot to put my tulle in a hoop so tracing it was hard. I tried a Friction pen and it worked pretty well. I like your pattern. It could go in a plain block to echo the appliqué block.