Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYMQ - Playing with the Possibilities

Layout One
Janet said to "play" with the components, three of each combo in each block. I don't know where this is going, but it's kind of fun!! The color isn't as great in this set of pics because I'm too lazy to try to balance all of them as carefully as I did before. Actually, the reds look more accurate here, but you can't see the blue and purple properly.

Ok, don't know what Blogger's issue was but I finally got all four on here!

Layout Two
Layout Three
blurry Layout Four


  1. It is SO much fun to see your ideas. I haven't quilted in years so I'm rather brain dead.

    Is the background of the moutains from your home? If so you're so lucky. I wish I had that scenery!

  2. Yes, the image at the top of my blog was taken from my deck, just a few feet over from the window I look out of as I sit here at my computer. The actual view out my window is slightly obstructed but still pretty. Can't see the ridge today, though, too foggy :)