Friday, November 23, 2012

Easy Street...or Maybe Easy Lane?

Step 1

It's time for a mystery!!! Here's my Step One for the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery: Easy Street. The finished size if you do the entire quilt is 84" square and I just want more of a couch quilt/throw so I'm doing half of the steps to make something closer to 60" square. Therefore the working title for MY quilt is Easy Lane ;)

Here are 98 three inch finished 4 patches...the grey is our "constant" and is a batik. The other parts are black on white prints. The colors in the quilt are purple, aqua and apple green. Below is a photo of the fabrics I pulled, except I changed the grey to a darker one. I also pulled out a few of the other colors that I thought weren't quite right and set them aside for later...we'll see if they feel right later on.


  1. "Easy Lane" sounds like a good idea! I am also planning to make a smaller version of the mystery.

  2. Love the name of your quilt, and the 4-patches are fab. Love all those black/white prints.