Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quilt by Great Grandma Zeal

Mum told me a couple years ago she had a quilt her grandmother had made but she wasn't sure where she had put it. Today when I asked she said to check the linen closet and there it was! I almost didn't see it because it was folded with the plain, solid yellow backing facing out.

It is a hand pieced, hand quilted 9 Patch and appears to be 30's or feedsack prints. Mum is saying she thinks it was a baby present for my older brother, but it's PINK so I'd like to think it was meant to be mine ;)

It does gave some faint stains which actually pleases I'm a firm believer in USING quilts :)

This will be proudly displayed in my quilt studio!!


  1. Fun! A little piece of family history and I agree...I think quilts should definitely be used!

  2. Beautiful quilt Misha. Glad you found it. I also agree with you about using quilts. You have to feel the Love!