Monday, November 28, 2011

ALQS6 - Huckleberry Swirl

Ok, I guess it's time I get into the blog aspect of quilting! We'll see if I can keep up (somewhat) this time.

I was very excited to participate in Kate North's ALQS6 (Another Little Quilt Swap) last month. I'll do my best to attach a photo of the quilt I made, and soon I will post a photo of the quilt I received...but the latter will need to wait as we're still waiting for The Big Reveal by our fearless leader.

Huckleberry Swirl was made using techniques from Dianne Hire's book Vivacious Curvy Quilts. It was my first time doing curved piecing on the machine, and it was a blast! I'm already working on more blocks for a quilt for myself, just with a different type of curve. I hand stitched some details with variegated embroidery thread before quilting with shiny poly threads. There are NO straight lines anywhere in this, not even the outside edge!

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